Reza Abedini


ABBookness and Reza Abedini worked together in 2018 and 2019 to publish The Famous Wise Men.

The Famous Wise Men images are fusions of Abedini’s obsession with writing and typography along his iconographic approach to representation of figures. The folio consists of 5 pieces – The Chanter, The Clown, The Nonbeliever, The Soothsayer and The Wanderer – printed in Screen-print and thinner transfer on Paper. The editions were produced in two separate phases: Thinner transfers were editioned by the artist himself and then were screen-printed over them on Dara Print Studio.

The Folio was launched in 009821projects in Tehran in December 2019.


The Famous Wise Men

Screen-Print and Thinner Transfer o rosaspina Paper

70×50 cm

Edition of 16


Reza Abedini

Born on 1967, Reza Abedini was raised in Tehran, Iran. He is a notable contemporary Iranian graphic designer. He is not only recognized for his graphic designs but also Persian typography. While keeping a modern thematic pattern he dexterously blended the traditional themes in his works as well, hence maintained a unique style.