Ali Akbar Sadeghi



Book of Lovers

Ali Akbar Sadeghi



A prominent body of work of Ali Akbar Sadeghi is dedicated to depiction of Persian myths and folk stories. He painted lovers, warriors and kings in his paintings and illustration; all of his animations in 1970’s were aesthetically based on Persian miniatures and stories spiced up by his sharp sense of humor.

Book of Lovers is a narrative of Ali Akbar Sadeghi’s paintings which refers to stereotypic classical Iranian love stories and the culture of manuscripts illustration. The book is a series of screen prints, each depict a phase of a typical love story chapter:

“When the lover falls in love with the beloved, there are lots of obstacles and battles ahead and the winner shall have the lover in his bosom.”

The book is a folio of 12 screen prints with 12 hand written calligraphy dividers and hand painted cover in edition of 50.



The British Museum, London, United Kingdom


Ali Akbar Sadeghi A Retrospective,

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, 2018

Ali Akbar Sadeghi

In his evocative paintings, Sadeghi draws on the rich traditions of Persian art, but adds to them a surreal edge. They involve dizzying spatial manipulations and startling combinations of real and fantastical objects, producing kaleidoscopes of color and form. A master storyteller, Sadeghi's tales incorporate various sources that range from historical Persian iconography of swords, horses, gardens and warriors, to the compositions of archetypal Iranian miniatures and portraits. Sadeghi rearranges subjects of his interest in a variety of media, including painting, graphic design, illustration and animation. From this perspective, he is considered a master of Iran’s visual arts of the last five decades. Besides his paintings, Sadeghi has made seven films and won many awards at International Film & Animation Festivals. Sadeghi has been recognized as an outstanding cultural figure and contributor to Iranian art and culture by the Ministry of Culture in Iran.