Parvaneh Etemadi


Fish and Moon

Parvaneh Etemadi




Fish has always been one of the main objects in Parvaneh Etemadi’s art works from her early 1970’s Cement works and pastels to her famous collages in 1990’s and her extraordinary crayons. She even depicted fish in her prolific video Once Upon a Time. Being curious about the aesthetics of etching, Etemadi decided to collaborate with ABBookness on production of her Fish and Moon. The delicate and intricate lines of Etemadi drawings became successfully materialized by the resolution of etching prints.

Fish and Moon is inspired from Attar’s Conference of the birds and artist’s contemplations on human condition to illustrate the alienation of the contemporary human. Fish is considered as a self-portrait or a metaphor of human, according to the artist and juxtaposition of fish under moon’s light is a symbol of lunacy.

Fish and Moon is a composed of 10 original intaglio prints and 4 screen prints in edition of 50.




MAXXI Museum, Roma, Italy

The British Museum, London, United Kingdom



Parvaneh Etemadi

Parvaneh Etemadi was born in Iran in 1948. She currently lives and works in Tehran. Etemadi’s works have received international attention. She has been acquired and exhibited in Centre Georges Pompidou as a part of the exhibition “Multiple Modernities”, curated by Catherine Grenier, 2014. She has also participated in art fairs and showed with galleries worldwide, and her works are in the permanent collections of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Centre Georges Pompidou, France, and Asia Society, US, among others.